Saturday, September 22, 2007

On the Lemongrass Trail

I first tried Lemongrass Tea in Martinique a few months ago. I ordered it after every meal, and it came in its own little teapot, not really tea per se, but an infusion of lemongrass leaves and boiling water. It didn't need sugar, honey or milk--it was just so delicate and delicious on its own. At one meal, the waitress walked out to the garden next to the patio where we were seated and cut off some leaves from the bushy lemongrass plant growing right near our table. If that's not eating local, I don't know what is.

Back in New York, I sought out lemongrass, but Whole Foods and Garden of Eden only had brownish, wilted stalky things that didn't even smell like lemon. But then Lucy's Greenmarket Report said a farm at the Union Square Greenmarket was carrying lemongrass in huge, bright green bunches.

It's like I'm back in Martinique, minus the tropical breezes and French accents. The soothing tea is marvelous. And the smell--why can't I post some sort of scent clip on this blog? You'll just have to make some yourself.--S

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